Brett is tasked with providing strong leadership, strategic planning and business development for Legacy Sports USA by working with the board and other executives to establish short and long-term goals, plans and strategies. He is responsible for presiding over the entire workforce and management of budgets. Brett will oversee operations and goals to meet Legacy's strategic initiatives. Brett recently served as a National Business Development Representative for one of the fastest growing Artificial Intelligence (Forethought AI) startups based out of San Francisco, helping them grow from an $18 million evaluation to $118 million evaluation in a matter of 6 months. Prior to Forethought AI, Brett was a District Manager for a Fortune 500 Company (ADP), in which he specialized in business development and human capital management. During his time at ADP, Brett specialized in developing strong partnerships and finding avenues to positivity impact an organization's P&L's while strategically helping his clients gain market share. In addition, Brett is an active Phoenix 20/30's and Fiesta Bowl Member.